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At Last, a Successful Renewable company that Offers You both Exceptional Value and Dependable Sustainability

Safe Environmental Best Practices, Affordable Pricing, High Quality and Excellent Service have yielded for us an impressive list of Indian and International clients.

We are one of the largest Indian manufacturers of

For your peace of mind, Rajganga Biorefineries delivers tested products on time. In addition, we are enriching a sustainable lifestyle. We are totally committed to reducing carbon emissions, renewable energy and a sustainable supply chain. Partner with us. Together we can grow profitably while saving the planet for our children.


Rajganga Biorefineries Pvt Ltd
has created a unique
bio-refinery using Agro
feedstock... Know More


Rajganga Biorefineries is
committed to sustainability
and a cleaner
environment...... Know More


Rajganga Biorefineries is an
importer and marketer of
solvent chemicals such as
Acetic Acid and Ethyl ….. Know More

Bio Fertiliser

Company has done a
successful job to utilize/
recycle 100% effluents by
adopting Composting ….. Know More