Corporate social responsibility

Rajganga Biorefineries Pvt Ltd is committed to succeed economically, work socially and contribute environmentally.

CSR Policy

Rajganga Biorefineries Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the ‘Ganga Group’, which was established in 2021 and was formed by Dr. Mr. Rajeram Prabhu Ghawate and his son Mr. Prasad Rajeram Ghawate. Adopting the modern vision and leadership of Mr. Prasad Rajeram Ghawate and his team, the company operates as one of the largest marketer and trader of Alcohol, Bio-energy, Chemicals, Sugar and Molasses in the global market.


Rajganga Biorefineries Pvt Ltd is obliged to involve in economically, socially and environmentally.

Our main areas of focus are:

Manufacturing and trading in chemicals without harming the environment
Reducing carbon footprint
Promotion of education
Charitable giving
Socially and Environmentally investment

We have Invested substantially in Child Education

Children are the future of any nation. In recognition of this important principle, Rajganga Biorefineries and the Ganga Group have invested in child education. With a mission to promote education in rural areas, we have established the ‘Ganga Education Society’. We have special provisions and consideration for orphans and the financially disadvantaged at Shirur, near the beautiful city of Pune. Visit our website for more information on how we are building a better society through education. (